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Must-Have Model Features 2024

Weekly, we meet with new suppliers and existing vendors to ensure we have the most innovative selections for your clients. The feedback we get from our valued builder network also helps us fine-tune our product offerings by regional markets. As the housing industry and trends change, the advantage of being an independent family-owned home manufacturer is that we can adapt quickly as well.

Wood & Paint- Although white cabinets have been trendy, we are seeing a shift in incorporating various shades of blonde and chocolate wood tones along with a splash of

painted cabinetry. Clients are craving warmth and depth versus the stark and cold trend of the past couple of years.

Quartz Countertops- There is no better way to increase the value of your home and give it a luxurious feeling than by adding quartz countertops. With Kitchens and Bathrooms being the most valued part of the home, there is no better amenity to splurge on.

Storage- Being able to hide small appliances and everyday clutter is increasingly important

to today's clients. Designing butler's pantries, oversized cabinet pantries, charging drawers

Nature Inspired- The need to include natural elements in our everyday surroundings is

vital to the client's overall well-being. With their busy schedules, ease of upkeep is critical. Opt for finishes like LVP flooring instead of hardwood, quartz countertops instead of soapstone, and ceramic tile instead of marble.

See how Corey's Construction's partnership with Ritz-Craft- Modular Home Manufacture can make a difference in your new home project. Our experienced New Home Consultants are here to answer your questions and guide you through the process. Contact Corey's Construction today to discuss your dream modular home!

Danielle Korek

Corporate Designer

Ritz-Craft- Modular Home Manufacture

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