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Faster Move-In: Why Modular Homes Are Built in Months, Not Years

Updated: Apr 5

Dreaming of a new home but dreading the year-long construction wait? Traditional builds are notorious for delays. Modular construction offers a revolutionary alternative, delivering your dream home faster and with more certainty. In this post, we explore how modular construction techniques dramatically reduce construction timeframes, saving you money and stress.

Modular home being built in factory

Benefits of Modular Construction for Faster Completion:

  • Streamlined Workforce: Modular homes are built in controlled factory environments. This eliminates the need to coordinate with numerous subcontractors, leading to a more efficient and predictable build process.

  • Factory Advantages: Imagine construction happening rain or shine, with ideal temperatures year-round. Modular construction makes this a reality. Factory settings are not impacted by weather delays, allowing consistent progress on your home.

  • Simultaneous Construction: Site preparation and foundation work can occur concurrently with modular unit construction in the factory. This clever approach significantly reduces overall project timelines.

Modular vs. Traditional Construction Timeframes:

  • Traditional: The average traditional construction timeline can stretch to 12 months or more. This extended wait translates to additional costs like rent, interest payments, and potential storage fees.

  • Modular: Corey's Construction boasts an average construction time of 3-4 months, from excavation to move-in. This significant reduction allows you to move into your new home sooner and save money.

Traditional construction site with halted work due to rain

Shorten your wait time and enjoy the benefits of modular construction!  Our experienced New Home Consultants are here to answer your questions and guide you through the process. Contact Corey's Construction today to discuss your dream modular home!

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