Turn-Key Construction

At the end of our building process, your home is turnkey and ready for move in. Our wide range of customization options are chosen at the beginning of your build process, which means that your home will be built specifically for you. To provide Turnkey pricing, Corey's Construction has provided specifications on our existing floor plans.
The team at Corey’s Construction values making the home building and buying process as easy as possible for the customer. We will guide you through the modular home process, so that as soon as your home is finished, you’re ready to move in.

Site Work




Permit Fees

Our base pricing includes our team’s knowledge of state and local permitting. Our team will handle the paperwork in applying for any needed permits. However, as permit costs vary depending on location, land, and house. Any fees due to the county and state governments are the customer’s responsibility

Additional Excavation

Basic excavation costs are covered in the base price for your home. However, some sites may vary from this standard spec and may require additional expense to the lot for building. The three most common excavation variances are the removal of rock from the build site, the removal of trees from the build site, or the removal of fill dirt or need for additional fill dirt for the build site. If your site needs additional excavation, the cost will be your responsibility. 


We provide a wide selection of appliances for your new home. When you choose the customizations for your home, you will be able to select the appliances you like. Since appliances vary so greatly, their cost is not included in the base price for you home.

Power Hookup

Included in our base price is all the necessary electrical work to get your home up and running. However, any power provider will charge a fee to tie into their grid. Since that charge varies by county and state, it is not included in our base pricing.

Well & Septic 

Similar to electrical work, Corey’s Construction will complete all necessary septic and well work. However, because wells vary in depth and requirements by state, we can’t include this in our standard base price. Additionally, septic tanks vary in requirements and styles as well. For these reasons, they are separate allowances not included in the standard base price.

Porch and Garage

Similar to our appliance packages, there are a wide variety of options available when it comes to selecting your porch and garage. These items are priced separately and not included in our standard house base prices.

You Need To Know

The following items are not included in the Turnkey pricing