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Corey's Construction, founded by Corey Green over 25 years ago as his senior project in college, has evolved from a custom home builder to a pioneering force in innovative modular construction techniques. In 2015, recognizing the demand for more efficient and cost-effective building methods, Corey's Construction became a modular-only builder. Since then, we have proudly erected nearly 200 modular homes across four states and 20 counties.

Our Achievements

Corey's Construction has garnered multiple awards for excellence in modular construction and holds the esteemed title of the largest modular home builder in Maryland. Our unwavering commitment to quality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction has propelled us to the forefront of the industry.

Our Team

At Corey's Construction, our success is built on the strength of our team. What began as a one-man operation has blossomed into a cohesive unit of over 20 dedicated professionals. Each member of our staff brings a wealth of expertise and passion to every project we undertake. Together, we uphold the highest standards of craftsmanship and service, ensuring that our clients' needs are met with unparalleled dedication and care.

Looking Ahead

As Corey's Construction continues to expand, we remain steadfast in our commitment to innovation and excellence in the construction process. We are enthusiastic about the future and eagerly anticipate introducing new, progressive solutions to meet our client's evolving building needs.

Our Core Values

  • Deliver Quality Services And Workmanship That Wows Our Customers.

  • Provide Excellent, Personalized Customer Service.

  • Work Collaboratively As A Team.

  • Communicate To Support Our Customers, Positive Outcomes, And Each Other.

  • Work With Intent: Think Ahead, Be Prepared, Be Prompt, And Be Thorough.

  • Be Accountable For The Full Scope Of Your Responsibilities.

  • Identify Ways To Improve Processes And Be More Efficient.

  • Seek Ways To Develop Yourself And Your Skills Constantly.

  • Support A Clean, Safe Work Environment.

  • Demonstrate A Positive Team Spirit And Help Build An Enjoyable Work Environment.

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