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Corey’s Construction is a modular home builder with experience serving our local communities in Western Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia and South Central Pennsylvania for the past ten (10) years. Corey’s Construction is a family-owned and operated business that prides itself on providing the best for its customers.

Your general contractor is responsible for delivering the house of your dreams. It’s not a decision you should take lightly. Look at their reputation, their attention to detail, and their willingness to involve you in the design and customization process. What is their timetable for getting your home complete? Does it fit with your expectations? A good general contractor will check every box and leave you satisfied with your new home.

Corey’s Construction goes above and beyond being a “good general contractor.” We deliver a quality home that is produced on your timeline and far exceeds your quality expectations. Corey’s Construction team has the resources, knowledge, and experience to guide you through every step of your project. We offer financial lending referrals, permit processing, and we can
customize your house to meet your needs.

Our Core Values

  • Deliver Quality Services And Workmanship That Wows Our Customers.

  • Provide Excellent, Personalized Customer Service.

  • Work Collaboratively As A Team.

  • Communicate To Support Our Customers, Positive Outcomes, And Each Other.

  • Work With Intent: Think Ahead, Be Prepared, Be Prompt, And Be Thorough.

  • Be Accountable For The Full Scope Of Your Responsibilities.

  • Identify Ways To Improve Processes And Be More Efficient.

  • Seek Ways To Develop Yourself And Your Skills Constantly.

  • Support A Clean, Safe Work Environment.

  • Demonstrate A Positive Team Spirit And Help Build An Enjoyable Work Environment.

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