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Bob's Biased Blog: Homestyle Show Down.. Ranch, Cape Cod or Two Story?

Hello!! Welcome to my latest blog, this post will be about a common question I get all the time which is... Ranch vs Cape vs 2-Story. Choosing the perfect home style is a critical decision in the home-building process. Each style has unique features, benefits, and considerations that cater to different lifestyles and preferences. Lets dive into the details of three popular home styles and by the end, you'll have a clearer idea of which style best fits your needs.

Building a Ranch Home

Ranch homes, also known as ramblers, are single-story houses that typically feature a long, low roofline. They first gained popularity in the 1950s and remain a favorite due to their simplicity and accessibility.


  • Accessibility: With all living spaces on one level, ranch homes are ideal for individuals with mobility issues or those who prefer to avoid stairs.

  • Open Floor Plans: Ranch homes often have open layouts, making them great for entertaining and family gatherings.

  • Easy Maintenance: Maintaining a single-story home can be more manageable, from cleaning to repairs.

  • Space: You can double your potential square footage of your home. If you decided to finish areas of your basement or if you decide to use the space as unfinished, you have the same footprint in the basement that you do on the first floor.


When building a ranch home, consider the lot size, as this style requires more land due to its sprawling nature. Your lot will only have so much space for everything you need to account for. Depending on the square footage you desire a big ranch home with a garage, patio/porch , septic field, driveway and some landscaping is all the space you have.

Building a Cape Cod Home

Cape Cod homes are charming, compact houses that originated in New England. Characterized by their steep roofs, dormer windows, and symmetrical design, these homes offer a cozy and traditional aesthetic.


  • Classic Charm: Cape Cod homes have a timeless appeal with their quaint and symmetrical design. Far and away the "cutest" house you can build. Many find the symmetry of the exterior very appealing.

  • Efficient Use of Space: These homes make efficient use of space, often featuring dormer windows that provide additional light and headroom.

  • Expansion Potential: Many Cape Cod homes have unfinished upstairs, offering potential for future expansion.


When building a Cape Cod home, you'll need to think about the potential for future expansion. Be sure to design a Cape Cod home that not only meets your current needs but also allows for easy additions as your family grows. This extra potential space for the future uses more building materials then the roof design of a rancher, therefore cape cods tend to start off a little more expensive than a ranch home with the same footprint.

Building a Two-Story Home

Two-story homes, as the name suggests, have two levels of living space. This style is versatile and can range from traditional designs to modern layouts, making it a popular choice for families.


  • Space Efficiency: Two-story homes maximize the living space on smaller lots, making them ideal for urban and suburban areas.

  • Separation of Spaces: With distinct levels, you can separate living areas from bedrooms, offering more privacy and organization.

  • Curb Appeal: Two-story homes often have impressive facades, contributing to greater curb appeal.


Building a two-story home involves careful planning to ensure efficient use of space and comfort. We can help you design a two-story home that balances aesthetic appeal with practical living spaces, ensuring it meets your family's needs. With a set up steps to the basement and a second set going to the the upstairs.... you'll be sure to get your exercise.


Deciding between building a Ranch, Cape Cod, or Two-Story home comes down to your personal preferences, lifestyle, and needs. Each style offers unique advantages, and the right choice will depend on what you value most in a home. Whether you prioritize accessibility, classic charm, or efficient use of space, understanding the pros and cons of each style will help you make an informed decision.

Ready to start building your dream home? Contact me today to schedule a consultation. And for more biased insights on home building, check out my previous posts:

Happy home building!

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