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Turnkey Home Solutions

Making your building and buying process as easy as possible

Modular Is All We Do!

In 2015, recognizing the demand for more efficient and cost-effective building methods, Corey's Construction became a modular-only builder. Since then, we have proudly built nearly 200 modular homes across four states and 20 counties.

Experienced Homebuilders

We are a complete turnkey home builder focusing on your home's quick and affordable construction. Our proven process will provide you peace of mind so that you can focus on turning your new house into a home.

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Manufactured Homes in Pennsylvania, Maryland & West Virgina

Faster Construction Time

Unlike traditional homes taking months or years to build, modular ones can be finished in weeks due to factory construction without weather delays.

Cost Savings

 Factory-built modules minimize material waste and cut labor costs. Energy-efficient designs with features like improved insulation and solar panels help save on utility bills.

High Quality

Modular homes  are built in controlled factory settings, following strict guidelines and quality control measures to meet or surpass building codes.


Build Your Dream Home

 Our Modular homes fit all styles and budgets.

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