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Corey's Experience of Modular Building

A "home" is not simply a house. Home is a mindset, and a place of belonging. 





When we say we are master homebuilders, we mean it. We not only focus on the quick and affordable construction of your home, but also your peace of mind and ease during the process, so that you can focus on turning your new house into a home.

Whether you’re building your first home for a growing family, or you’re downsizing to a sensible single-story, Coreys Construction will help you achieve your dream home.

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Big companies

reduce quality to increase profit margins and small-specialized companies disregard price budgets to meet their promised quality.

Corey's Construction

has the perfect balance to meet the designated budget without compromising the integrity of service provided to the customer, no matter the size of the project.

Our Partners

Ritz-Craft Custom Homes

Modular Manufacturer

Ritz-Craft Custom Homes is the largest family owned, modular home manufacturer in the United States with a building process built around a sense of pride and a culture of craftsmanship.

Green Concrete Works

Decorative Concrete & Patio

Green Concrete Works specializes in decorative concrete for any kind of project. The experts at GCW can create a design that you want, while making it durable and never having to worry about shifting, settling, or softening. 

We Do Kitchens

Kitchen Remodeling

With more than 30 years of combined experience, We Do Kitchens can design a customized cabinetry solution that fits your personal style. Full-service kitchen, bathroom, and closet remodels in Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Jefferson, Berkeley, and Morgan counties in West Virginia.

Realtors' Partnership Program

Exclusive Realtors

Corey’s Construction understands how difficult it can be to find an existing home that is just right for someone else. That’s why we offer an exclusive program that allows us to build your customer their dream home and makes your job incredibly easy and profitable.


Corey is a wonderful builder and a wonderful person. His smile is infectious. You just want to do business with him. I have recommended him to friends and they have been equally happy. Got a project? Give Corey a call. You’ll be glad you did!

—  Lynda B.