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Schedule with our New Home Consultant:

Collections and Floor Plans:

  • Homestead Floor Plans (PDF)- We offer two lines of floor plans. The Homestead is our economic line. 70% of our clients build in the Homestead series because of its tremendous value and the functionality of the layouts!!

  • Benchmark Floor Plans- Our second line of floor plans excludes 3 series of models. These homes have more architectural details and range in larger square footage. 

  • Searchable Database of our Floor Plans.

  • Comparing Collections (PDF)- This brochure details the differences between our floor plan collections so you can decide what best meets your needs. (VIDEO TUTORIAL BELOW)

Who we are and What we do; Are we the right fit for you:

  • Our Modular Difference (PDF)- Building a modular home offers so many great benefits. This brochure highlights those benefits. 

  • Turnkey Base Package (PDF)- We are a turnkey builder so you must understand what is included in our base price. If you have visited other modular builders, their base may only include the modular units. We include basements, mechanical, and so much more. There is a big difference between our base standards and theirs!!!

  • Our Process: A Quick Guide to Your Steps to Moving In-. We have worked hard to have a defined process that makes your project as simple and error-free as possible. This brochure overviews that process and how we get you to your move-in date. Our process is what sets us apart from all other builders and gives our clients the confidence to pick Corey’s Construction to provide them with the largest investment of their lives.

Other Resources:

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