Advancements of Modular

Corey started as a traditional General Contractor.

After taking advantage of an invitation by Ritz-Craft, Corey learned that the advancements in building and technology have far surpassed any impression of modular that Corey had heard of. 

As a result, Corey has created and continues to perfect a team that has the same definition of Quality put into every home.

We are proud to work in conjunction with Ritz-Craft Custom Homes, an award-winning leader in the modular/systems-built housing industry since 1954. 

As an independent home builder, we have been approved by Ritz-Craft to provide and sell their high-quality homes and then complete all of the site work needed to finish the home. It is important to note that we are not an authorized agent of Ritz-Craft and do not act on their behalf.

As our largest sub-contractor, Ritz-Craft will deliver your home to us with a substantial amount of the work already completed. After your home arrives at your building site, we work with a local set crew to properly and securely affix your home to its foundation. 

The Exclusive Benefits Found Only in Modular Homes

  • Climate controlled environment – Building and storing material inside a climate controlled environment produces a better quality product.  Since the harmful effects of the weather are eliminated, wood used to construct your home is more true and square. The result is a quality home that is free from weather-related defects.

  • Consistent Quality - Through the years, we have refined a detailed building process.  As a result, that process creates consistent superior quality.  We have also maintained our quality through the steady employment of experienced, skilled and highly trained employees.  Ritz-Craft employees have a sense of pride and ownership in the homes they build.  In contrast, the majority of site-builders use subcontractors and often the lowest bidder.

  • Quality Control Inspections – A traveler document is produced for every home that Ritz-Craft builds.  Every single function that is performed in the home is documented and signed off by the person executing the task, his or her supervisor and the quality control inspector.  In addition, third-party inspectors ensure consistent quality and code compliance that meets or exceeds state standards.

  • Superior Strength - Ritz-Craft homes are built stronger than site-built homes.  This is because all Ritz-Craft Homes are built with more framing and fastening materials to withstand the stress of transportation.

Benefits of Building with Corey's Construction

A General Contractor is typically responsible for bringing all the different aspects of a project together so that the finished product is safe, complete, and efficient. Corey’s Construction has built upon a vast amount of experience and knowledge to not only succeed as a general contractor, but provide resources in every aspect of getting you the home of your dreams.

Take a look at the additional aspects of building that Corey's Construction can assist with.