Building Green

Corey’s Construction values the importance of the environment in which you live in to the highest of priorities, along with customer service. We strive to include any aspect of your home to be environmentally friendly and energy efficient. Our process holds countless benefits that we are proud to share with you.


    Producing the structure of your home in a climate-controlled environment has numerous benefits. However, the fact that it is climate-controlled means that the building process is protected from unwavering weather. Rain, wind and snow do not get their pre-existing influence on these houses. This leads to a better structure, less wasted material, and year-round ability to build. 


    Every single aspect of the building process is inspected by multiple entities. The manufacturer has their own process, as well as third-party inspectors that “ensure consistent quality and code compliance that meets or exceeds state standards”. Then, the quality/safety control that ensures the structure’s ability to travel. Lastly, Corey’s Construction works very closely with the state and county in which the house will dwell to ensure the best and most accurate installment meets their regulations. 


    Our methods of building provide savings directly to the customer. Modular building is much faster than traditional building because the house can be built while the land and foundation is prepared. This cuts down the amount spent on labor costs. Corey’s Construction has also formulated the best possible estimate format that shows the customer every expected cost upfront. This allows for better expectations to the customer.


    Corey’s Construction uses software programs such as Chief Architect to design your home. It is a reliable program that is accurate, interchangeable, and meets the requirements for any third-party involved in the building process.  “Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) allows precision, customization and flexibility in floor plan designs.” 


    Corey’s Construction provides you with various floorplans that you can choose from thanks to our manufacture, Ritz-Craft. Having the floorplans allows you to get a solid start to figuring out what you do and do not like. However, no two homeowners are some, so no two houses are the same. We provide the ability to choose and customize the layout and the selections of your home.


    Corey’s Construction doesn’t just focus on the production of your house. We hold customer service to the highest of priorities. We have put together a team to double and triple check every aspect of your project so that nothing is left unsure. Building your dream home is not just about the result, but your experience and knowledge attained during the process.

Benefits of Building with Corey's Construction

A General Contractor is typically responsible for bringing all the different aspects of a project together so that the finished product is safe, complete, and efficient. Corey’s Construction has built upon a vast amount of experience and knowledge to not only succeed as a general contractor, but provide resources in every aspect of getting you the home of your dreams.

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