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Guide to Building with Corey's Construction


Project Approval

You did it!


You found the perfect fit for your new home. By this point, you’ve picked out everything little detail. After all that reviewing and customizing, we need your approval to get started. Of course there are other aspects that need to be met as we continue through this step, but Corey’s Construction staff will be right there with you. 

After the Project Approval is complete, Corey's Construction starts working on the following details- 

customer service.jpg

Builder Responsibilities

  • Coordinate sub-contractors

  • Coordinate materials & Vendors

  • Submit floor plan drafts for state approval

Customer Responsibilities

•   Approve the structural floor plan.
•    Approve the selections
•    Approve any on-site scopes (porch specs, Foundation, etc.)

Pre-Construction Meeting

During Pre-Construction, Corey's Construction takes care of the fine details of approvals and communication. 

Corey's team is "All-hands-on-deck" during each individual project's upcoming schedule. An quality check is conducted with each department to review and communicate each aspect.  


Builder Responsibilities

  • Site meeting with all Trades

  • County and State approval meetings

  • Meet with Electric company

  • Internal Pre-Construction meeting

  • Finalize Schedule

Home Owner Responsibilities

  • First Draw Payment

  • Customer approval of Manufactures' Order

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